SMART Liner Trash Bags™


SKU: 1404-2

Unbelievably strong and ready to take on the toughest cleanup jobs, the 1.8 mil. black DOGIPOT® SMART Liner Trash Bags are made from an extra, extra heavy-duty material with the extreme strength of a star-seal bottom and are specifically designed to fit all DOGIPOT® Trash Receptacles and DOGVALETS®, and will fit most waste receptacles.

They are the perfect liner for all your needs and they provide the perfect balance of dependability and value. It's the dependability that saves you money!

Available in three sizes (minimum 2 boxes):

- 50 overleaf bags per box (1404) 10-15 gallon - 

- 25 rolled bags per box (1404M) 33 gallon

- 25 rolled bags per box (1404XL) 55 gallon

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