The One Little Thing That Could Change Your Community's Walking Trails

The One Little Thing That Could Change Your Community's Walking Trails

At this time of year, the temperature is perfect and the foliage is glorious. Going for a relaxing walk in nature seems like the perfect cure for just about everything. Fresh air, exercise, a break from technology… until you step in a giant pile of poop. And, even if you sidestep disaster, simply the sight of dog poop on walking trails can ruin the experience.

We now know that not only does dog waste contain pathogens and bacteria, if not picked up it eventually seeps into our groundwater. Most dog owners, although aware of the importance of picking up poop, don’t do it, especially on long walking trails.


Because maybe they didn’t bring sufficient bags with them, or they simply don’t want to be stuck carrying a bag of smelly poop for miles!

The solution is simple and yet so many walking trails aren’t equipped properly for it: Dog Waste Stations.

And not just one at the beginning or end. Dog owners need dog waste stations frequently along the trail so that there are plenty of opportunities for them to get the bags they need and to dispose of their dog’s waste properly and frequently.

If you’re tired of seeing poop on your trail, or if you’re a dog owner fed up with having to carry filled poop bags for your entire walk, consider petitioning the trail’s manager to ask for more stations along the path. All About Doody offers the full range of DOGIPOT Pet Waste Stations suitable for all locations and would be delighted to submit a proposal.

It’s a sure way to cut down on poop sightings and a great way to make sure those walks you’ve been looking forward to are as enjoyable as you hoped.

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