Solar Park Light

Gym For Dogs™

$2,790.00 $3,390.00

The benefits of solar at a dog park are many, and Solar Lights are a must if the dog park is to be enjoyed all day, as well as most of the evening, in a most economical way.


- Parks are generally safer when well lighted

- Provides energy to the park in the evening hours

- Helps extend useful hours to the park for people that work late

- Allows people to use the park in the evening to avoid the hot months daytime heat

- Provides a unique social setting for dogs and owners to be in ‘arena’ like setting

- Each light is programmed through its own control system, to turn on and off as needed. And, in the unlikely event that an individual solar outdoor light fails, no other lights are affected

- Solar power products have few movable parts which means that fewer parts exist to break

- They last for a long time and require little attention once installed

- Each Solar Park Light is aluminum 12' surface mounted powder coated pole and light fixture with timer-on button, ADA compliant push button

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