DOGIPOT™ Jr Header Pak Aluminum Bag Dispenser


SKU: 1002HP-4

The DOGIPOT® Aluminum Junior Bag Dispensers come in both Aluminum and Poly models and provides customers with great versatility in the various locations it can be installed. It’s the must-have tool for pickup program success in keeping cleaner dog-friendly areas.

- H: 15.5" x W: 9.4" x D: 3.25"

- 12-gauge, powder-coated, forest green aluminum or black

- Weight: 7lbs

- 400-bag capacity

- Includes four (4) 100 count Header Pak DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags

- Single opening hanging bag access slot

- Front locking access panel

- Clearly posted instructions

- Installation instructions and mounting hardware included

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