Mini Hill Climb

Gyms for Dogs

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The Gyms For Dogs® Mini Hill Climb is a perfect starter piece for training. A challenge for all dogs to walk or run up an incline and descend the other side at their own pace and confidence level. Incline training helps build muscle in dogs legs and torso and is a great exercise. Endurance and balancing are also developed. Recycled poly wood grain or wood. No holes to dig. No concrete to pour. Portable or surface mount.

Play and Exercise Features:

Incline Climbing

Decline Agility

Tunnel Thru

Incline Climbing

Stand Tall @ Top of The Hill

Dimensions: 4' L x 3' W x 2' H

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Recycled Wood-Like Color Options (Poly) (RPW)

This material is 95% recycled plastic, environmentally friendly and is extremely durable with simulated wood grain look on the planking and side panels. The material is vandal resistant as paint will not bond to the surface and is maintenance free. Plastic lumber material is warranted for 50 years against splitting, cracking, rotting, salt spray, oil, fungus and termites or marine bores. It has UV additives to prevent deterioration from exposure to sunlight. Color fading may be expected over time as due to sunlight exposure it is intrinsic to the nature of the material and the environment. This product is great for any park that wants durable, maintenance-free product. No rusting, no paint chipping.

Actual colors may vary slightly from colors shown. Custom colors available upon request.

Frames are black. Choose from color chart for planking and side panels. Actual colors may vary slightly from colors shown. Custom colors available upon request.

EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT: Gyms for Dogs™ products, designs, materials, color schemes and specifications are exclusive and proprietary. All Rights Reserved. Copyright. Patent Pending 

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