Steel Dog Theme Trash Receptacle


SKU: 7721

Keep your dog park tidy with a highly visible and long-lasting DOGIPARK® Trash Receptacle, perfect for all the trash generated by pet owners and waste from their dogs. Each receptacle comes with a box of DOGIPOT® SMART Liner Trash Bags that are durable enough to withstand the elements, while still maintaining the resilience to deal with all kinds of dog park waste. The addition of laser-cut imprints of dogs and bones makes this pet waste station fit right in at any dog park.

- 32-gallon capacity

- One (1) box of DOGIPOT® SMART Liner Trash Bags (33 Gallon – 25 rolled bags Item # 1404M)

- Dog-themed DOGIPARK® trash can

- Durable thermoplastic coating

- 5-year warranty

- Made in the USA

- Item # 7721

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