Dog Wash Station

Barks and Rec



For the dogs that found the mud hole! Or just needs freshening up.

- Made of rust-resistant 16 gauge 304 stainless steel which provides great sealing, solid durability, and easy maintenance. Drain kit includes flexible hose and hair trap

- Stainless steel removable overhead arm with loops that can be adjusted to accommodate many configurations

- Backsplash and side splashes can be removed for greater versatility and feature waterproof seals when it is assembled for normal use

- Free Accessories: Tub Faucet with hoses, Sprayer with a hose, Overhead Arm, Drain Kit with a flexible hose, Hair Trap, and stainless steel Shampoo Rack

- Two-piece, removable floor grate, can be adjusted to higher and lower levels to accommodate both large and small dogs. The door is easy to open and securely locks closed, features watertight seals to keep water inside the tub

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